So much to do in so little time!

Once again I have neglected to blog! I am sure you all understand....(right? :))

Well where to start? Mike is graduating with his Bachelors from Fresno State this Saturday and we are having a party the same day! If you want to come shoot me an email! Anyway his degree is in Biology with an emphasis in Physiology and Anatomy. Our dear friend Cynthia Contreras is also graduating with him! We went to the Bio Department Banquet last Thursday. So here are a few pictures...

Mom & Dad Truck, Mike and I
Mike's Advisor, Mr. Prince
He introduced Mike at the Banquet and was laughing so hard during Mike speech that he had stopped! Mike always the funny guy! His speech was funny and sweet ;)

I just love Cynthia! We had a great time!
The Banquet was very special and I am so proud of my husband! With all this Graduation jazz we are also having Revival with the Abbots starting Wednesday night! We are very excited for what God has been doing! 


  1. Sherry!! I'm waiting for a blog post!!

  2. Heeeey I like your last name!!! TRUCK...Thats sooo COOOL! LOL! Btw-I'm friends with Destiny...I saw you on her blog! :)