A date with my hubby and our little secret!!!

Since we have been married life has been so fast paced. I work at the Court House and as a Secretary for our Church. Mike is in his last semester at Fresno State taking Organic Chemistry (That itself can kill someone.) He is also the Youth Pastor and works in between studying and going to school.

Most of our weekends consist of cleaning the house and Mike studying madly!!! So this weekend, Mike took me on a romantic date. He also got me flowers!

Saturday was a lazy day. To start off our day, we made strawberry and banana smoothies. My little sister,  Shadi came over for awhile (which she does most weekends, because she loves to go to Church with us on Sundays). During all of this Mike was outside making raised vegetable boxes for our garden. 

We then got dressed and went to Cafe 225. Has anyone been to Downtown Visalia on a Saturday night??? I love our Downtown! Cafe 225 is an elegant restaurant and I was thrilled he took me there (:

Our food looked and tasted AMAZING! Mike had steak and I had chicken, but wow...his steak was scrumptious! The best part was that we saved $22. Our whole tab came to $15 before tip and $21 after!

Ladies and Gentlemen here is our secret....

How to save money on restaurants:

1. Go to retailmenot.com. 
  • In the search bar type restaurant.com 
  • Press enter
  • Remember or copy the coupon code.

2. Go to Restuarant.com

  • Enter in the information to find restaurants in your area.

  • Select the Gift Certificates you want to purchase and add to your cart. (Remember you have a coupon code!)
  • Also look at the restrictions. EXAMPLES:
  1. Minimum 2 entrees. 18% Gratuity added prior to discount. Valid for Dinner, Dine In ONLY. Present prior to ordering. 
  2. Minimum purchase of $35. 18% Gratuity added prior to discount. Valid for Dinner, Dine In ONLY. Present prior to ordering. 1 certificate per table.
  • Usually the $25 gift certificates saves you the most. It helps if you are familiar with the restaurant to know if you will save money or spend more than you are willing.
  • When you are checking out enter your coupon code in the bar and select apply.

You are officially a Coupon Guru! 



When are you going to update your blog?

I would like to give a sincere apology to all my faithful followers. I am so sorry to keep you all waiting.

I hope you enjoy the pictures! I promise there is more to come.....

Wedding Snapshots

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