Weekend with Cherie

Cherie on the floor at Icing before the Workers got mad  us for taking a picture. HAHA
at Fugazzi's for Lunch, Yumm.
At the Church before Youth Service.
Cherie played piano, even though she didn't want to. Thanks :)
Cheire with our BABY(pet rabbit), Spice
Ice cream at the Tulare Outlets
my other best friend, Cherie got jealous!
only picture of all of us

Cherie came over to visits good ol' Visalia. She got her bridesmaid dress for wedding and it looks so good! We are soo excited! We tried to look for some shoes but we didn't find any. We had a blast though! I am so sad she is leaving.

and after she left I had......

My 1st Panic Attack!

As you all know it is almost 3 months until the big day. I am not going to lie, I am VERY stressed. Summer is going by way too fast! So Saturday night I went to sleep. I woke up and started thinking "I NEED TO DO MY INVITATIONS! I have 3 more months left! AHHHH!!!" I checked the time and it was 6 am and I thought I need to go to sleep. So that was it.


Mike is leaving for Teen Camp today....

Teen Camp is tomorrow and Mike is going as a counselor. Since I work I wont be able to go. However if anyone is going up there on Wednesday afternoon or Thursday  let me know.

Wedding update:

My outfit is almost complete! I am so excited! However I still have a lot to do!



Pacific Coast Camp 2010

This year was very special for Mike and I! It was our last year as campers! We rooted proudly for the campers this year and a staff member seeing our enthusiasm asked, "Who are you rooting for next year?" We both started shouting, "GOOOO STAFF!!!" We both had a blast! We can't wait next year to go as staff!

pictures to come :)